Xenon Design’s highly qualified professional designers, electronic and mechanical engineers are capable of designing product ranging from flashing LED to sophisticated precision engineered device for the automation and medical industry. Xenon Design can assume responsibility for an entire project or a part of a project. Time is saved and risk reduced, by allowing us to develop the initial designs or to fully develop and test your designs. This allows customers to concentrate their resources on the full project development and marketing effort.

Prototype / Precision Product Production Service

We provide high quality and low-cost prototype service ranging from PCB, electronic circuit, precision mechanic and plastic rapid prototyping (RP). This allows customer to preview their product prior to production.We may also manufacture high quality engineered device in very small quantity based on the affordable prototype service.

High Speed Production Line (500,000 components / day)

We specialize in low-volume to mid-volume production with quantity starting from a few hundred to a few thousand units. Our flexible production scheme allows low-cost and quick turn-around production. Production service are available in:

  • Injection molding for plastic manufacturing
  • Electronics assembly
  • Metallic parts manufacturing
  • Quality control of manufactured goods
  • Granting approval of manufactured goods
  • User manual printing, packaging as a complete product

Five Simple Steps to Use Our Service

1) Send your full requirement to us. (This includes function of the device we will need to design, outlook, operating voltage, operating temperature, dimension and more engineering details if possible. If you are not too sure in the engineering aspect, please explain it to us with hand sketch drawing and send to us as e-mail attachment…etc.)

2) Quotation will be issued with detailed information on how we will deal with the project.

3) We will send you a quote requesting for engineering service charge. We usually charge 50% of engineering fee depends on different cases. Payment is done via PayPal e-mail transaction service. Other terms and payment method can always be discussed.

4) We will photograph and do a demonstration on video(if needed) of the designed product.

5) We will request for the rest of the payment via PayPal transaction service and ship the designed product to you immediately.


Xenon Electronics are very experienced with various type of electronics manufacturing project including smart building and health monitoring electronics.

Smart Building

Our solution is a blend of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things, enabling you to monitor building from a centralized location. The solution allows users to monitor and control various scenarios such as power sources, unauthorized intrusions and more using sensors and connected devices. That makes it easier for users to monitor and control their different application assets remotely, regardless of its geographic location.

  • HVAC monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance alerts
  • Parking space usage analytics
  • Capacity vs. occupancy ratio
  • Smart room booking
  • Indoor positioning
  • Heat map of the entire building
  • Predict future occupancy patterns
  • Smart structural health monitoring
  • Smart trash bins


Health Monitoring

  • Provide better patient monitoring capabilities
  • Change the way you deliver healthcare services
  • Enhance the patient experience